April 10, 2012

Managing the cost of fuel is at the top of the list for most fleets. A range of fuel cards are offered by a variety of suppliers. Here is CAF’s snapshot of fuel card choices available for individual fleet program’s objectives and requirements.


ARI, Automotive Resources International (
ARI’s fuel card program offers the flexibility of two distinct card platforms, extensive acceptance across Canada, discounts, sophisticated security features, and comprehensive reporting and alerts to effectively control fuel costs. The ARI Fuel card is produced and managed in-house and in-country, which allows for more responsive service and faster turnaround times. The ARI fuel card supports positive file verification for added security, as well as Level III data collection for comprehensive reporting down to the individual transaction.

As an industry leader, ARI also offers the ARI Fleet MasterCard®, which boasts a level of security and acceptance that is supported by a partnership with the Bank of Montreal. The ARI Fleet MasterCard offers pay-at-the-pump functionality, the ultimate in convenience for fleet fuel purchases.

Both ARI fuel cards can be customized and co-branded with client specific information, including a company logo.

ARI’s fuel program is supported by enhanced security and reporting that include transaction limits and restrictions, velocity controls, exception reporting and interactive fuel alerts.

EMKAY North American Fleet Management Services (
EMKAY’s fuel and maintenance program is built to assist clients in managing and controlling fleet costs. The EMKAY card is designed for the purchase of all fleet related automotive services. The card is accepted nationwide through an extensive network of: fuel companies, maintenance providers, glass and tire locations, daily rental suppliers, independent repair facilities (mechanical and body), dealerships, emergency roadside assistance providers, and other independent fleet related vendors.

Clients can easily access in depth fleet data online through our dashboards. Through customers can take advantage of an array of EMKAY reports and view, save and automatically send specific myREPORTS built off specific data unique to fleet needs.

EMKAY’s Canadian maintenance team authorizes card expenditures based on client policy guidelines. EMKAY also provides a preventive maintenance schedule for each vehicle in a client’s fleet and offers a 24 hour toll free line for driver assistance. The EMKAY maintenance techs will automatically validate and audit all maintenance invoices prior to the client being billed. This service will also come with the expertise of EMKAY’s account management and service teams that will provide our clients with customized strategic cost saving recommendations, targeted to reduce their overall fleet spending and improve their fleet program efficiencies. EMKAY prides itself on working with clients to provide a customized fleet solution specific to fleet needs.

Foss National Leasing Ltd
Foss National Leasing Ltd. provides two distinct fuel and maintenance programs to meet a wide range of fleet requirements to purchase fuel and maintenance while at the same time providing the ability to control and measure fleet performance.

Corp-Rate Card (
The Corp-rate Card program is a fuel and maintenance procurement system suitable for any company fleet of over five vehicles.

Services include: widely accepted fleet procurement program, a unique self- authorization approval program with which the fleet manager can approve repairs before the fact, along with industry leading fraud and operator abuse detection reporting. The program provides a single monthly invoice for all fuel and maintenance purchases tracked by driver or vehicle, depending on the fleet’s preferences. This is a low cost system that eliminates the management of multiple fuel cards plus tracks all vehicle operating expenses within a single system.

Foss Fleet Management Card (
The Foss Fleet Management Program is an upgrade to the basic Corp-Rate program. It offers a combined fuel and maintenance procurement platform with the addition of consolidated, detailed billing of monthly charges. The high level of detail includes date, time, grade and quantities of fuel purchases. It also includes detailed coding of maintenance charges which tracks the items purchased such as tires, brakes, glass and any other repair or maintenance component. This historical fleet statistical data is available to the customer via secure web access for download and analysis.

The program also includes industry leading fraud and operator abuse detection reporting. The program features broad access across Canada to a selection of national and regional brands of fuel for coast to coast coverage and convenience; access to national account and independent locations for service and maintenance; customer determined driver spending limits with approval by Foss Vehicle Maintenance Technicians over that limit and roadside assistance for post warranty coverage.

The program parameters are highly customizable by the fleet so that its expenses are professionally monitored and approved while at the same time providing the tools to measure and manage fleet performance to company specifications and requirements.

GE Capital Fleet Services (
The GE electronic fuel card program helps customers manage fuel expenses for maximum time and cost savings. Transaction limits reduce risk and transactions are consolidated into a monthly bill, with tailored exception parameters and reports. Online services include transaction reports, exception alerts and online card cancellation requests.

As well as offering fuel monitoring through fuel purchase reporting, exception analysis and consolidated billing, the GE fuel card program offers unique IntelliShield™ technology. IntelliShield™ is a self-learning behavioural engine that analyses fuel transactions to identify potential unauthorised use, for quick resolution.

To further enhance security and control, GE recently introduced PIN technology at Canada’s largest network of fuel stations, and PIN functionality will be added at other major vendors during 2012. Additionally, the GE fuel card has been redesigned to include a number of security features that are unique within the fleet industry.

Jim Pattison Lease (
The Jim Pattison Lease Fleet Card provides our customers and drivers with a convenient way to purchase fuel and other vehicle related services through a strategic network of suppliers coast to coast in Canada. This easy to use card is a convenient tool that supports management of vehicle operating costs on a per vehicle, division, branch, area, and total fleet basis. The ultimate in driver convenience with one consolidated monthly statement and easy to use management reporting tools.

Features and Benefits:
  • Driver Convenience – A convenient and easy to use card for all vehicle operators with access to a wide variety of suppliers, rural and urban, across Canada.
  • Optimized Operating Costs - Maintenance costs scrutinized to prevent up selling, unnecessary work and to ensure all warranty and goodwill considerations are taken into account prior to authorizing the repair and approving the invoice for payment.
  • Reduced Administration - One, comprehensive yet easy to use monthly statement for review and payment. Supported by meaningful and easy to use reporting tools designed to identify exceptions and opportunities to reduce fleet costs.
  • Management Reporting - Easy to use management tools to analyze fleet expenditures across makes and models as well as geographical boundaries and divisions on a total cost and cents per kilometer basis. Exception units identified for further action.
  • Vendor Network – Our extensive network includes a wide range of national account suppliers, regional suppliers, manufacturers dealers and independent maintenance providers from coast to coast.

PHH Arval (
PHH offers a comprehensive suite of fuel card and reporting products in both Canada and the U.S. The ground-breaking PHH MasterCard® is a single card solution for all types of fleets, with state-of-the-art fraud detection, pay-at-the-pump capabilities, worldwide acceptance, and extensive North American truck network of fuel providers, including truck stops and cardlock locations. In addition, PHH continues to offer classic fuel card products through a traditional Service Card, Service Card with PIN and odometer prompting, and Private Label Fuel Cards which are accepted at over 160,000 North American locations including truck stop and cardlock facilities. Recently enhanced to provide robust velocity reporting and alerts to help reduce fraud, all fuel transactions are captured in PHH InterActive to enable fuel expense tracking, exception reporting and consolidated billing and payment. All fuel expenses are integrated with other fleet information for better decision-making.

®This card is issued by National Bank of Canada pursuant to a license by MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.

TLS Fleet Management (
TLS Fleet Management (TLS) offers a single card solution for fleets with 15 or more vehicles.

Especially as it relates to fuel purchases, TLS offers a number of innovative security features and proactive exception management reporting. In addition to fuel, top up fluids and car wash transactions, the TLS National Service Card provides businesses with a convenient method to bill and monitor maintenance and repairs, tires, glass replacement, short-term vehicle rentals and collision repair with pre-set discounts. The national vendor network across Canada that accepts the card also includes an extensive list of dealers and independent garages.

As part of the program, once a vehicle is no longer covered under a manufacturer’s program, 24-hour roadside assistance is available on a nominal “pay for services as needed” basis by calling a toll-free number. The tow truck operator will accept the TLS National Service Card for all charges incurred (towing, jump start, lock-out, fuel required and flat tire changeover).

An important service that can be linked to the National Service Card is the Maintenance Control Program (MCP); designed to provide clients with all the necessary resources to achieve before, during and after-the-fact control of maintenance, repair, tire and other operating related expenses. This includes adjudication of repairs by qualified technicians and the creation of online vehicle histories.

TLS can accommodate a variety of accounting structures and clients have web access to all invoiced information and vehicle management reporting requirements through TLS’ Fleet-Ease™.

Wheels Inc (
The Wheels Inc., Fuel Management program was designed to meet the unique needs of Canadian fleets. Using a BMO Financial Group Fleet MasterCard platform for fuel purchasing, the Wheels program provides convenient pay-at-the-pump capabilities, customized usage parameters and an expansive North American vendor network. The program can be set up to allow transactions at any fuel location across the continent where MasterCard is accepted, including over 12,000 fueling stations in Canada.

Recognizing that fuel is a significant and growing fleet expense, Wheels administers our Fuel Management program to not only provide fleet and procurement managers with invaluable insight into their company’s fuel usage and spend, but also help them understand how fuel impacts their “big picture” fleet performance. For example, drivers are prompted for odometer information at the pump (wherever the station has this feature enabled), providing detailed actionable data to help clients understand exactly how much mileage their vehicles are incurring, identify any underutilized units, and develop or refine vehicle replacement strategies as appropriate.

In addition, as many clients look to improve fuel efficiency and decrease greenhouse gas emissions, they can use the Wheels online management tool (FleetView) to better quantify vehicle performance through a host of online reporting metrics, including CO2 output and L/100 km statistics. Wheels also provides a robust online spend analysis tool, called Expense Variance, which helps users understand fuel spend and variance in relation to other key fleet cost drivers. Clients also have access to a variety of online exception-based reports, which can alert them to drivers who may be exceeding fuel tank capacity, incurring multiple daily transactions, or otherwise violating the company’s customized card usage policy or parameters. The Wheels Fuel Management program also allows customers the convenience of being able to cancel and re-issue lost, stolen or damaged fuel cards online, while state-of-the-art security measures provide a three-tiered fraud review process that limits client exposure while providing extensive expense control.


American Express (
Small Business Services (SBS) is dedicated to small business owners. SBS supports business owners with tailored products and services, the team delivers purchasing power, flexibility, control and rewards. Specifically, business owners can leverage a set of products, tools, services and savings, including charge and credit cards, online account management capabilities and savings on business services from partners.

Small business card products include: American Express Business Gold Rewards card, the Business Platinum card from American Express, American Express AIR MILES Gold Business card, and American Express Business card. Recently launched is an Amex Canada Facebook page for Small Businesses called Amex for Business Canada at:

Esso (
Fleet Cards provide cost control features, and options to track and monitor fleet expenditures, ensure security and capture data. Card reporting shows purchaser, amount, and type of product, as well as date and location of each transaction. Discounts are based on volume. There are no account setup charges or annual fees. Esso has nearly 1,850 stations Canada wide.

The Esso Fleet program offers three cards: Business for smaller fleets, and offers minimal reporting; TigerPro and TigerPro Plus are designed for medium or larger fleets, with more reporting and tracking features which can be tailored to individual fleet needs. Speedpass™, available with all cards, is a miniature transponder key tag that attaches to a key ring, linked to the fleet card.

Wright Express Corporation customers can use the Wright Express Fleet Card at all Esso branded locations across Canada.

Petro-Canada™ (
Petro-Canada’s™ SuperPass™ card is the fleet management solution that can simplify your workday while increasing control, security and convenience.

The SuperPass program can help save time and money by providing effective fleet management tools for your business: purchase controls (by site/product/fuel grade), personal identification number (PIN) - protected cards, 32 customizable reports (generate, pre-schedule or download), and many more security and control features.

The SuperPass card is accepted at over 1,500 Petro-Canada retail locations, 235 Petro-Pass™ sites and 1,800 affiliate U.S. truck stops.

For more information call 1-866-584-4959 or visit

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